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Over The Hill Car People was established in 2003 for all GM retirees with No Annual Dues/Fees.  Our intent was, and still is, to provide a means of communication between GM retirees and our company so that our retirees can have an avenue to address their concerns.

Through the years, our retiree group has been very successful in finding solutions to the various issues facing GM retirees. We are a national group and have been effective in working with the news media to change the public perception of GM and the American auto industry. We still have a lot of work to do in this area.  We feel this is a paramount issue if our company is going to survive; and, thus, be in a position to maintain our retiree benefits/pensions that we earned through years of loyal service to our company.

The current climate affecting the American auto industry has intensified our goal to preserve our company and our benefits.  In order to have a strong voice, we would encourage all GM retirees to not only maintain their membership in their local clubs; but, also, to join our association so that we can have all voices united under one umbrella group.

To further unite and strengthen the voice of the salaried automotive retiree, we have also joined forces as the four Presidents of the GM, Chrysler, Ford, and Delphi retiree groups to establish The National Automotive Coalition (TNAC). Working together we have set the stage for the voice of the salaried retiree to be heard.  In our recent efforts with the Auto Task Force, Senators and the Governor of Michigan, we have also brought forth the need for changes in current legislation affecting all automotive retirees.

We are also associated with and support the organizations of Retirement USA, The Pension Rights Center, and ProtectSeniors.Org. all headquartered in Washington, D. C.  You can view a summary of our efforts to assist automotive retirees as we will continue with these efforts.  Now, we need your input and support to enhance and expedite our objectives.


Best Regards,

Jack Dickinson, President
Over The Hill Car People, LLC
GM National Retiree Association 



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